Dear All:

This site is currently not being updated, but here is it’s history.

A friend of mine told me one day, “I just don’t know where to begin in the Bible.”

I thought back to how I first started and remembered that I read only a few verses a day. I asked her if she wanted me to email her a tiny chunk each a day, and that we could start with the gospel of Luke.

She said yes.

A few other friends asked to join. Then a few more. I sent just a few verses, sometimes with no explanation, sometimes with a short discussion if I think something might prove difficult. My friends asked me to turn my emails into a website.

So here it is.

As we have finished the gospel of Luke, I am leaving it up but not updating it until further notice. If you start your own Bible reading journey, you’ll be journeying with the one who made and loves you and who longs for intimacy with you. How can we resist?

xo Caroline Coleman

p.s. I have to use a translation in the public domain, so I’ve chosen the WEB, or World English Bible, which was specifically created to allow people like me to share God’s Word without running afoul of any copyright laws. For a guide to many different translations you can buy see the page called “bibles”