Maybe you’re ready to read the bible now!

Below are links to many different translations in both text and kindle form. I hope you’ll buy one or more of your own and start reading. Don’t be afraid to underline, circle and make notes. God wants us to engage with Him!

One of my favorite translations is the New Living Bible. It’s simple and straightforward. And I figure that God would want us to understand Him, so it’s one of my go to translations:

If you’re a word person, the Amplified Bible is awesome. As its name suggests, it amplifies many words in each verse, so you can really study. Have a pen and paper at the ready and jot down your thoughts. You’ll find God speaking to you as you study!

Many people like Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase of the Bible called The Message. They find it opens up difficult passages so that they see them in new ways:

For a completely different take, you can go back to the tried and true King James Version. The translators of that version had such a high view of the Lord’s Word that they didn’t try to “make sense” of the Bible. They figured that the parts that didn’t make sense to us humans are the very parts where we need transformation. I love that concept and respect it, so I do also look at this version. However, as I became a Christian by reading the simplest version possible, I embrace simple. Here’s the KJV. You’ll love the poetry of it, as well as the way it works on your heart:

The Good News version is one of the first translations I read that made any sense to me:

And lastly, if you find all of these options confusing, a great translation that combines the clarity of the NLT with a stricter adherence to the original of the KJV, you can try the NIV: