Merry Almost Christmas!

img_0034Dear All:

Today I saw at my gym a sign for “Holiday Stress Yoga.”

I thought: what have we come to? A Christian-based holiday causes so much stress that we have to turn to Eastern relaxation techniques to manage the season? It seems backward. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of exercise and contemplation. The Bible bursts with wise advice about the importance of meditation and healthy habits. It tells us to store God’s words in our hearts. It tells us to think about and ponder God’s love for us– just as Mary “thought on these things” when the angel told  her she was having a baby who would save the world.

But the source of our joy and contentment comes from the Lord, not from anything we do. Nothing else can cure our restlessness, because He made us that way. He created us for an intimate relationship with Himself. He is the wellspring of our life. In Him, we live and move and have our being. When we trust in Him for our salvation, instead of in our “good deeds,” living waters flow from our hearts. Turning our cares to Him, prayerfully and thankfully, means that the peace that passes all understanding will fill our hearts and minds with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the peace of God. He came to reconcile all of us, in our brokenness, to Him. And when, in the midst of trying so hard to make everyone happy, to forget no gift, and to follow the high road with those who sorely try us, and we know, we know, we know, that we will fail….. we can still sing of His birth from the bottom of our hearts. Because in the act of forgetting is where we remember why He came. In losing Him, we find Him. He is waiting for us, saying: no matter how often you have forgotten me, I will never forget you. You are imprinted on the palms of my hands, forever, because I love you.

In Him, xo Caroline